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How are the differences in lifestyles between working and school age? • Thumbsup

Millennials and Generation Z are often talked about as if they were the same generation. but in reality There is a clear difference between today’s young people and teenagers.

One important thing to note is that Due to the cultural and technological changes we have witnessed in the 21st century so far, the experiences and characteristics of adolescents are quite different from those of young adults.

And here are just a few facts about millennials that can’t apply to Gen Z.

Millennials can be considered a digital native. Because they have access to the Internet since childhood. But most people remember what life was like in the past. because at the time they were born Their parents may have computers that don’t have internet access or they don’t even have a computer at home. It’s the era of dial-up internet connection. They probably had a cell phone when they were teenagers. But most don’t get their smartphones until they reach university or working age. On the other hand, Gen Z, which is during most homes, has Internet access. and during childhood Smartphones have also become their most popular portable devices.

Millennials are known for prioritizing experiences, but Gen ZWill focus more on the quality of the product.

The primary source of news for Millennials is online media such as news sites, while the top news sources for Gen Z are social media such as Facebook Twitter Youtube.

Source: adeccousa.com


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