Homecoming horror: TikTok user returns to burglar-stripped abode

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

A shocking discovery was made by a TikTok user after a year away from home – his house had been burgled and stripped bare. Upon his return, the user, known as @thishol, found his house burgled and in a state of disarray, stripped bare by burglars. The entire place was littered with debris, with every item that had any potential resale value taken.

The video clip shared on TikTok showcased the havoc wreaked within the residence. Everything that could be sold was ripped out, dismantled, and destroyed. The house was practically reduced to a dump, filled with piles of rubbish. The user expressed his shock at the extent of the damage.

“When we haven’t returned home for a year, and this is what happens. The house is ravaged, the chandeliers are torn down, everything is gone, even the sink is taken. The thieves nowadays are really extraordinary….

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