Govt official defends local food project


Rare dishes to serve as soft power items

Culture Minister Sermsak Pongpanich has brushed aside criticism about the “One Province, One Dish 2023” list of the Cultural Promotion Department, saying local food is a soft power item which the ministry wants to promote.

“It is a good project. What we lack is publicity that can help people understand the purpose of the project,” he said.

The department launched the local food list covering 77 provinces on Aug 31. Many netizens are dismayed with the list because it names some dishes that are barely familiar even to locals in those provinces.

Some wonder how the department came up with the list while some asked why famous dishes from their provinces were excluded.

Pradit Pankaew, a chef who has a restaurant in Krabi, said the list was “nonsense”. It names pla chuk…

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