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Golf isn’t as demanding as many of us assume it to be

We were talking together about how golf is a lonely game, and in spite of its association with conviviality and sociable club life, it is essentially a highly introverted pastime.

In theory, there ought to be no great difficulty about hitting the ball.

In fact, it requires no great amount of physical strength to swing a club weighing next to nothing, although we may think it needs all the exertion we can produce.

The action of swinging a golf club is not complicated or difficult, although most of us make it so.

And the degree of precision needed to implant the club face flush to the ball is no greater than a hundred everyday actions which we unerringly perform without conscious thought.

If we could play golf with the same conditioned instincts, we would have no problem.

But we cannot.

The fact is that golf is difficult because we make it so.

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