Earth deity inspires Miss Universe Thailand’s costume


The national costume round started at 9am (Thailand time) of Friday, picking up from the preliminary round that kicked off on Wednesday.

According to Miss Universe Thailand facebook page, the national costume for this year is called “Ayutthaya Kingdom’s Goddess”, and was inspired by the statue of Phra Mae Thorani, the earth deity in Buddhist mythology.

From the ancient legend of an earth deity who protected the Bodhisattva by twisting her long hair to create a torrent of water to wash away devils, Thais believe Phra Mae Thorani brings prosperity to the land and dispels evil. Her statutes are often found among ancient remains of the Ayutthaya Kingdom from 14th to 18th century.

Earth deity inspires Miss Universe Thailand’s costume

The costume was recreated following the dress of Phra Mae Thorani, with jewellery of the same colour as the gemstones found on…

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