Discovering Bangkok’s best free attractions


Image via Lonley Planet

Bangkok, the energetic capital of Thailand, represents a captivating mix of contemporary cosmopolitan pleasures and old-world elegance. Even if there are many attractions in the city to keep tourists interested, not all of them cost money. This article covers everything from lively markets and busy streets to lush parks and riverbank promenades. Set out on a singular adventure that enables you to explore Bangkok for free.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Visit Chatuchak Weekend Market, an iconic landmark that draws both visitors and residents, to begin your journey to Bangkok. With over 8,000 stands, this expansive market provides a wide variety of products, from handicrafts and antique clothing to artwork and mementoes.

Your senses will be overwhelmed as you meander along the winding paths by the vibrant colours and scents. Don’t pass up…

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