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Communities may be best line of defense as HIV/Aids makes a comeback in Thailand

Civic groups battling to eradicate HIV/Aids in Thailand are ready to “Let Communities Lead” – the theme of World Aids Day 2023 on December 1 – but say they need more support including funding from relevant authorities.

“We have long supported Thai authorities and international organizations in efforts to end Aids. Yet we still face obstacles from [government] regulations and policies,” said Surang Janyam, who chairs an Aids-related NGO network and heads the SWING (Service Workers IN Group) protecting the health and rights of sex workers.

She says it is high time that Thai health authorities provided a proper structure for civil society organizations and communities fighting the disease, as well as solid funding to support sustainable operations.

Let communities lead

Surang said communities should take the lead in this effort because those at risk of catching HIV are…

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