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Bluebik launches the concept of “Digital-First Company”, the future business trend. new opportunities for growth

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited or BBIK, a leading consultant who provides complete digital transformation services. Open up important trends in doing business of the future to “Digital-First Company” dealing with economic uncertainty and the behavior of Gen MZ people (Gen Millennials and Gen Z) who are becoming a group of people who will influence society and consumption of the world in the near future. which the modification is “Digital-First Company” can create flexibility along with growth for the organization through innovation and technology. It also lays the foundation for success in continuous digital transformation of organizations in all industries. He gave examples of 5 key capabilities that help accelerate the success of the business sector in driving ideas. Digital-First Company in the organization

Mr. Pachara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Bik Group Public Company Limited or BBIK, identified the organizational change as “Digital-First Company” must start by rethinking every aspect of doing business. with innovation and technology as the main driving mechanism Connect and meet stakeholder needs (Stakeholder) in the new business ecosystem Consisting of the organization (Company), customers (Customer), business partners (Partner) and society (Community), each part of this ecosystem is complex and has different pain points. Due to the rapid changes in the world in the past 2-3 years that have caused the New Normal trend and are moving towards the New World Order or the new world order in the near future. Therefore, every organization must accelerate to adapt to Digital-First Company to enable smooth ongoing digital transformation to be able to create flexibility for the business Improving operational efficiency and being able to reach and understand target customers accurately and precisely.

“Digital-First Company is the heart of doing business in this era. but to achieve success in doing Digital-First Company requires knowledge and expertise in many fields combined. This has resulted in a popular trend of collaboration between teams in the organization (Insource) and external teams (Outsource), which in addition to adding new perspectives to doing business. It is also a supplement to the work that the organization does not have specific expertise as well. can be seen from Tech Company Many world-class organizations that use the services of consulting firms. to create the best business results Including reducing errors and operating costs, ”said Phachara.

Bluebik gives examples of 5 important capabilities in driving towards “Digital-First Company” that can strengthen the business ecosystem Ready to increase operational efficiency for modern organizations

1. Super App: The popularity of Super App proves that this technology can really meet the lifestyle of modern people. And it is a way to grow together with business partners. Causing many organizations to accelerate development of their own Super App in the past, but Super App development requires core features and advanced complex systems. There must also be elements about Microservice, Data Sharing, and a good Mini App, as well as sufficient capital investment. Which is generally at the level of 100 million baht or more. In addition, developers must also have expertise and focus on supporting future expansion. (Scalability) expanding or increasing capabilities (Extensibility) Cybersecurity (Cybersecurity) The ability to maintain a system that must be easy. (Maintainability) with efficiency (Efficiency) and solutions that must be updated to always meet the needs of use. Therefore, experience and expertise are the key to developing Super App to prevent problems such as system crashes that affect the image. being attacked by cyber attacks and earning from Super App etc.

2. Advanced Technology of Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence: Augmented Intelligence is a hot technology. That combines technology between Artificial Intelligence – AI, Machine Learning – ML, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics and Human Intelligence and humans by using each other’s strengths to complement each other. for best work results The goal is to help rather than work instead of humans like AI, so the development of Augmented Intelligence is successful and meets the purpose of use. It requires a deep understanding of both business and related technologies. Because the development or misuse of Augmented Intelligence can have a negative impact on business operations.

3. Building Trust and Cyber ​​Security or Digital Immunity and Trust: Building strong cyber immunity for an organization starts with employees, processes and technology by combining multiple strategies and software engineering. To prevent risks and enhance the security of users. The creation of cybersecurity standards will help build a good image and build confidence among customers or users. It also reduces the risk and potential damage caused by cyber-attacks.

4. Technology to create stability and sustainability or Sustainability Technology: is a technology trend used Answering the ESG trend that is currently in the interest of organizations around the world. As a fundamental principle, technology contributes to and is related to the environment. (Environment), society (Social) and good governance (Governance). Data migration to digital platforms has reduced the use of paper enormously. Increasing communication channels and online space for the community/society and creating transparency in business operations with the use of blockchain technology (Blockchain), etc. Therefore, any organization that wants to achieve ESG success should start by using innovation and technology.

5. Agile Operations: Working concepts for modern organizations that are used to cope with rapid changes in the business world. that covers from customer needs new technologies to economic and social conditions Enables organizations to work quickly more flexible It also helps to maintain competitiveness and achieve digital transformation goals smoothly.

Based on these business trends, Bluebik has prepared a strategic plan “Growth at Scale” to help customers transition smoothly. By accelerating collaboration between Bluebik and its affiliates Strengthen core services that are more comprehensive and cover both medium and large customers. Ready to increase the capacity to accept large-scale projects worth hundreds of millions both domestically and internationally. In the past, the company It has continued to expand its business especially in overseas markets where it currently has approvals for establishments in Vietnam, Hong Kong, the UK and India and is exploring business opportunities in the United States.

“Increasing competition. This makes the sector increasingly dependent on external experts. because of the slow execution and not in line with the speed of doing business in the digital age It may cause the organization to encounter a huge opportunity cost rate (Opportunity Cost) to the point of leaving the business or losing a leadership position in the industry. These are just a few of the challenges facing executives around the world. Even though innovation and technology come to help create advantages But if there is a lack of knowledge and expertise enough to choose technology that does not correspond to the business and economic situation that has occurred It may have a negative effect. From these factors, Bluebik has continued to expand its business in order to strengthen its services that can support all customer needs and help businesses compete in the short, medium and long terms.”


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