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Bangkok Post – Enchanting Khao Kho

After a six-hour drive from Bangkok to the mountainous town of Khao Kho, I had a moment of peace on the new Skywalk Phu Lerd Khao Kho as the midday Sun brightened our moods while winds cooled us.

It may seem challenging to walk on a transparent bridge, but for those who can get over their apprehension, taking pictures against a backdrop of lush slopes, woodland, vegetable farms and endless rows of rotating crops of Phetchabun is a fulfilling experience.

The lush courtyard is decorated with an assortment of winter flowers and animal-like sculptures. At the edge of a hillock is a railway station, where visitors can board a mock train for a fun ride through Dan Khun Tan Tunnel, Thailand’s longest railway tunnel in Lampang, to Khon Kaen and finally to Khao Kho.

Grand Kokkod Khao Kho Resort overlooks a verdant valley.

On the brief journey, passengers can revisit…

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