Bangkok commuters say train fares are too high, survey finds


What makes using trains difficult? (multiple answers)

61.0% expensive fares

39.4% long walkways at interchange stations

25.7% having to use many cards

25.1% long waits to buy tickets at interchange stations

17.0% names of interchange stations do not match

6.3% other reasons (too many passengers during rush hour, long waits for trains, confusion while changing trains)

What should train operators do to improve services? (multiple answers)

61.0% reduce fares

48.5% offer one card for all trains

47.6% speed up the construction of train routes

31.3% offer a single-price service

2.9% other suggestions (increase the number of trains during rush hour, upgrade the train system, add more routes, add more interchange stations)

Are you satisfied with train services?

5.8% very satisfied

82.5% moderately satisfied

11.5% moderately unsatisfied

0.2% very unsatisfied

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