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Alone but not lonely at ‘Lonely Together’ exhibition

True Digital Park, in collaboration with LonelyPop NFT Project, is hosting the “Lonely Together” exhibition, the first solo show by Thai artist LonelyPop, until Nov 30.

LonelyPop, whose real name is Suriya “Noinah” Uthairasamee, is a former cartoonist at Kai Hua Roh. He not only presents various types of work at this show, ranging from digital art, paintings and sculptures but also will lead workshops to tackle a sense of loneliness that we all feel from time to time with friendship and adorable work.   

Suriya said, “LonelyPop is an NFT project and a portmanteau between ‘lonely’ and ‘population’. It was born out of feeling lonely and the need to be consoled — something we all have experienced. It started out as profile pictures (PFP) before later was developed into NFT by 0xStudio.” His colourful characters show diversity in humanity representing people of…

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