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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Alan Cross has seen the future of music and says it’s all about ‘Web3’ and the metaverse

SINGAPORE — If you want to kill a conversation quickly, just bring up words like “metaverse,” “crypto,” and “blockchain.” Eyes glaze over followed by some version of “Oh, look at the time. I must go.”

I can relate. “Metaverse” conjures up vague notions of whatever Facebook is building and involves wearing a heavy and expensive headset. “Crypto” is some weird virtual currency Matt Damon keeps trying to sell us and may or may not include a thing called Bitcoin. And “blockchain?” Who knows?

Here’s another term you can use to execute any conversation: “Web3.” Ready or not, this is where the internet is headed.

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There is something very, very wrong with today’s music. It just may not be very good.

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