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5 skills that modern workers should have • Thumbsup

In an era where organizations and workers have to accelerate adaptation in order to survive. Workers at all levels need to have knowledge that can help meet the needs of the modern working world. to pass on knowledge of administration and people management The executives who participated in the program focused on learning and self-development of employees, such as learning in an online format that allows personnel to access quality knowledge from anywhere, anytime. And one of the issues that the executives discussed is Skills for the new generation of employees that workers should learn and apply to their own work

As we step into the new year, TUXSA outlines 5 skills for the digital workforce. from the perspective of leading business leaders in different industries To help you confidently step into the world of work in the future and have the opportunity to grow even more

Ability to Learn – Ability to Unlearn (how to learn and how to throw)

openness to learning and not relying on previous knowledge as well as always refreshing existing knowledge These are essential skills to keep pace with future changes.

Digital & Data Literacy

Ability to read and analyze existing information The new generation of employees must know how to apply technology. to be used in making important decisions Including selecting the overwhelming information to be As well as sharing and communicating information to help make work faster and more accurate.

Communication (communication skills)

ability to communicate covering from persuasion listening to the needs of others Learning and understanding human nature, etc. If you have good communication skills, it will help you achieve your goals. It works smoothly, quickly, resulting in high work efficiency as well.

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T-Shaped Skill (Awareness and Deep Knowledge)

extensive learning skills variety not monotonous combined with deep learning skills That is to say, employees must have skills and expertise not only in their own positions. but also have to know more widely in many aspects Leading to further work and solving complex problems very well.

Problem-solving skill

Tools that will help to understand problems, think analytically and lead to appropriate solutions to those problems. It’s a skill that we need to use in almost every situation.


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