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XPG Launches XSpring Digital Platform, Targets Top 3 Within 3 Years • Thumbsup

Xspring Digital Co., Ltd. (XD) launches XSpring Digital, a digital asset application platform. hope to be one of the alternatives for investors Aiming to be in the top 3 podium within 3 years with strengths has a strong capital base Ensure the platform is easy to use. with a secure blockchain technology system

Ms. Warangkana Akkarathaporn, President of Xspring Capital Public Company Limited or XPG, revealed that Xspring Digital Company Limited (XD) is another important business of XPG that will connect investment opportunities from current financial markets to investments in digital asset market Which is currently considered another asset that is in the interest of investors of all generations.

The official launch of XSpring Digital, the digital asset platform. Therefore, it is like a manifestation of the readiness and position of the XSpring Group in running the business to achieve the goals, which XSpring Digital is one of the ecosystems. That makes the XSpring group have a full range of financial services. Aiming to be a Gateway to Greater Wealth for investors achieved the goals set It aims to become a leader in one-stop service of digital assets.

“Even during this period, the digital asset market is not active. This is in line with the direction of investment in almost every asset that has been affected by the global inflation crisis. However, XPG continues to prepare a dynamic development plan to present new opportunities that cover all investments in the digital world. Both cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are available to investors through XD, which is readily available through the acquisition of four digital asset licenses.”

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Currently, XD is a digital asset service provider that has received 4 licenses from the Ministry of Finance:

  1. Cryptocurrency broker
  2. Digital Token Broker
  3. Cryptocurrency traders
  4. digital token merchant

and is also one of the first service providers in Thailand which has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate as a digital token offering system provider (ICO Portal) specializing in token offering. Digital by XD has applied blockchain technology to unlock efficient automation through smart contracts by providing a digital token offering. It is a service provider where investors can subscribe to digital tokens in the first market on the same platform.

Currently, there are 23 coins available for investors to trade. It is also the first digital token subscription platform available on the market. This is an outstanding service and makes the platform complete and complete.


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