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Win Metawin’s 24th birthday bash goes global as fans wish top Thai star

Win Metawin, aka the ultimate Thai heartthrob, is celebrating his birthday on February 21 and the celebration has gone global as fans pour wishes for the top Thai star.

From making Thai BL mainstream to becoming Prada’s global ambassador, Win Metawin is leading Thai Entertainment’s globalization on all fronts. In 2023, Win’s dominance in Thai entertainment will reach new heights as the 24-year-old multi-talented star will be starring in not one but two new TV shows, Beauty Newbie and Enigma.

Photo by Pietro S. D’Aprano/Getty Images

Win Metawin’s 24th birthday bash has started and how! From billboards, and charity projects to fans writing their heart out, the official day for Win Metawin is trending on Twitter worldwide. Let’s look at how fans are celebrating Win Metawin’s birthday below.

Gushing on the source of joy and positivism, a fan posted:

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