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Friday, June 21, 2024

WHTW Top 10: 19/10 – 23/10

  1. Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) wants authorities to step up efforts to amend the controversial charter to find a way out of political turbulence threatening plans to restore the economy.
  2. Government Saving Bank will announce non-bank partner to expand consumer credits & car title loan business today, plans to curb interest ceiling at 18%, target cod within 1H21.
  3. Over one million cubic metres of water burst out of a partially broken reservoir wall in Pak Thong Chai district, inundating at least two downstream villages and triggering flood alarms for areas along the water’s path.
  4. The cabinet yesterday backed a proposal to convene a special parliamentary session to discuss ways to defuse the ongoing political conflict arising from anti-govt protests urgently next week.
  5. The 1st Chinese tourists, 41 in total, under the special tourist visa (STV) scheme arrived in Bangkok yesterday and are…

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