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What To Expect On Your First Trip To Pattaya

If a trip to Pattaya is in your future and you aren’t quite sure what to expect, no worries. Popping your proverbial “Pattaya cherry” doesn’t have to be something completely new and unexpected (although sometimes that can be fun too).

Navigating The City

Though our beautiful city by the beach is quite large, it doesn’t have to be confusing at all. It is almost impossible to get lost in Pattaya (though it happens from time to time). The worst thing that you can possibly do is forget the name of your hotel while you are here. It is a good practice to snatch up a hotel business card to throw in your wallet. This makes getting home drunk on the back of a taxi much easier. Just show them the card and they’ll whisk you away to the safety of your room.

There is essentially a grid of main roads that lay across Pattaya with most of the tourist areas…

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