What are Thai SMEs selling? Update the hot product trends of the year ’20 from 7-Eleven customer group data.


In this era, the growth of technology has made trading more convenient. Consumers are accustomed to shopping seamlessly both offline and online. It is another important opportunity that new SME entrepreneurs can easily find a way to build their own business. But to jump into the SME industry at this time, what should you know? And which product groups are currently in demand in the future of Thai people?

We therefore would like to summarize interesting product trends for modern entrepreneurs from the event “SME 2023, customer behavior has changed, new generation SMEs must change accordingly” organized by CP ALL and the Association of Thai Web and Online Media Administrators. On March 18, 2023, it was a seminar to enhance knowledge for Thai SME entrepreneurs to be able to build businesses. Increase the opportunity to grow more business. Along with having the opportunity to talk to 2 new-generation SME brands that have developed their businesses in line with the product trends of the future until they succeed. What is the way of thinking behind each person’s background? Follow along in this article.

7 hot product groups in 2023

One of the interesting moments in Dr. Wanwirat’s session. Wirat Nipawan Senior General Manager, CP All, representative of the 7-Eleven center supporting SMEs, who has revealed the hot product trends in 2023, revealing the product trends that will be popular in the future for 7 product groups as follows:

1. Products for the elderly

Products for the elderly are customers that tend to increase. It also has high purchasing power. Like healthy food and beverage products Products that provide a good experience, such as ready-to-eat boiled rice that still retains the aroma as if cooked by yourself and retains all the benefits of rice. will get the hearts of this group of customers specially

2. Products increase convenience.

Another trend that has been well received is Products in the group that help increase the convenience of the lives of consumers. It doesn’t have to be an exotic product. Just adjust the view that helps increase convenience for customers who live in a hurry. To be convenient to eat, such as ready-to-eat fruit that can be picked up and eaten without peeling And the amount is in the proportion that is good enough for 1-2 people to eat and receives quite a bit of attention

3. Health and beauty products

SME Sistar – health and beauty products

The coming of the COVID-19 crisis make people turn to pay more attention to health Customers turn to take care of themselves seriously. This was reflected by the expansion of cereals and herbs that received more attention. including food products People choose to eat more healthily. But for 7-Eleven customers, it is different from normal Healthy customers in that even if you like healthy food But good taste is still important.

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4. Small size products

SME Khun Chai Chili Paste – Small size products and build on identity from local products

This group of product trends corresponds to the habits of the new generation who like to try new things. like the comfort They live alone or have small families. Therefore, products for small consumption are the answer. Consumer products such as moisturizers or cosmetics may be scaled up in sachets or trial sizes. For ease of portability and affordable price.

5. The product is environmentally friendly.

Modern consumers are always looking for products that are environmentally friendly. Pay more attention to the stories of green products. Since the raw material selection process production process to the product Willing to pay for brands that can design packaging that meets environmental requirements.

6. Unique products from local products

Plum Rasami Khae SME – products that enhance identity from local products

The trend of interest in local products or Local Lover tends to grow again after the COVID-19 situation subsides. Especially among tourists who are looking for souvenirs from Thailand, it is gaining popularity. Entrepreneurs who produce local products Able to register for a Geographical Indication or GI logo from the Department of Intellectual Property. To confirm that it is a quality local brand and that it is sourced from that area in order to build confidence for the regular customer base of that local product.

7. Innovative products

Innovative products are still a growing trend. because in addition to helping to differentiate from competitors in the market also create added value to the product Making even local products have the opportunity to grow strongly and sustainably, such as bananas, best-selling products at 7-Eleven, food trend Meat Zero, 0-calorie jelly, or pumpkin soup that can be stored for longer. It is still popular continuously.

In this event, the team had the opportunity to talk to 3 representatives of SME brands who develop businesses in line with these product trends. Come and share your experience of bringing products to sell in 7-Eleven, including behind the concept of each brand’s products, how to think. Let’s get to know them together.

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“Bai Rasamee Khae”, a snack brand for entertainers who wants to promote community income

The beginning of the halo plum It started from tasting plums from a close friend’s factory and was impressed with the taste. Then began to study the process of making Produced and sold through online platforms first. Before moving to sell in 7-Eleven, starting from the branch in the gas station first Since it is a snack that is easy to eat, it can relieve sleepiness while driving.

And began to challenge his own team by bringing products to 7-Eleven. This time, the 7-Eleven team gave brand advice in terms of production quality. Including a change in packaging from a jar Expanded into a sachet that can be easily carried and eaten in amounts at a price that can reach a wider market Helping you to be more confident in the quality of the brand’s products and production processes. In addition, when the brand moves to sell in 7-Eleven, the production line must expand. Help make the factory become more income distribution for people in the farming community.

Jumping into business is considered a new challenge in Khun Rasmi’s life. From entertainment industry people who come to study the quality of plum production Get the taste that customers like. Controlling production to deliver and sell with quality Including communicating the brand to new customers is a problem that has many things to learn.

Many people may think that it’s easy to become a celebrity to create a brand. but for radius Instead, he saw that using his own reputation to communicate brands The more you have to strive to maintain the best quality of the product. because if the product is not good, it will affect the reputation in the industry as well Therefore, there is one thing that he always holds on to. is to always love what you do first We should understand the products we are selling. love our products first because if it comes from the heart We will find the best for the quality of the product and the customers themselves will be recognized as well

“Nam Prik Khun Chai”, a small size brand of chili paste delicious according to the recipe with raw materials from farmers

With more than 20 years of experience in selling chili paste at the B2B level since my mother’s generation, including sending fried garlic to 7-Eleven for a long time, Khun Benz has made the home business grow sustainably. Therefore, he saw that he had to build his own branding to be stronger. therefore invoked to create a brand “Nam Prik Khun Chai” is a small-sized product that extends the identity of local products. Distinguished by the standard taste of Thai chili recipes.

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Initially, it entered 7-Eleven with the menu “Vegetarian Crispy Mushrooms”, sold during the Vegetarian Festival, before expanding the SKU to other menus as well. can collect Meet the needs of modern customers who want to enjoy delicious chili paste.

“SISTAR” health and beauty products Easy to carry at a pocket-friendly price.

The strength of SISTAR positioning itself as a health and beauty product brand that wants to be a sister-sister to customers, selecting standard good things at a friendly price. Look at the target group as middle-aged women in the provinces who can take care of themselves with confidence. Or to carry it on a trip is convenient with a comfortable price.

Understand what customers in Convenience Business want before bringing products and marketing plans to present to the product management team. Which the team has given more intensive advice than to be actually sold in the market which was well received

In SISTAR’s edition of the SME business secret, she gave advice on how to focus on both front-of-house and back-of-the-house work. by the front of the house Entrepreneurs should keep up with product trends. After COVID, how do customers take care of their facial skin? Have customer trends changed? As for the work behind the house itself, when it is sold in 7-Eleven, it should take care of stock support. You need to manage your stock well. when marketing to promote There must be items in front of the store ready to buy immediately. Otherwise, you may lose the opportunity to sell.

In addition, the experience of real SMEs, there is also a 7-Eleven Center supporting SMEs at the event to give advice on product presentation. and can help develop and improve the product Ready to open for registration for SME entrepreneurs who are interested in selling products in 7-Eleven, along with receiving advice from center representatives as well.

But for anyone who did not attend this event But interested in bringing products to sell in 7-Eleven, can contact via the 7-Eleven Support Center for SMEs at channels FB: 7SMECenter, Tiktok: 7SMECenter, www.7smesupportcenter.com or call 02 826 7750.