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Watson is confident in the strength in the beauty business for 25 years, moving forward with O+O, new opportunities to reach customers.

Even Watson (Watson) has been in the beauty business for 25 years and is considered a business that provides beauty services to Thais and foreigners who travel to Thailand until it is accepted by people of all ages.

But the COVID-19 situation As a result, Watson has to change the sales channel that, in addition to expanding the storefront until there are more than 619 stores, also moves forward with the sales channel O+O to receive the future trend.

Mr. Pasit Munkongkantiwong, Managing Director of Watsons Thailand said that due to the decline in the number of tourists coming to Thailand. Make Watson to focus more on service areas for Thai people. and changing access to Thai consumers

But in order to provide customers with access to all levels, there is still a plan to open branches from the current 619 branches. It is expected that by the end of the year there will be 640 branches, making the overall opening of more than 50 branches this year and next year it has been proposed to the office. large in requesting permission to expand another 50 branches and has been approved successfully

In addition, there is a plan to renovate at least 100 existing branches each year. This is a point that reassures consumers that Watsons remains strong in the health and beauty segment.

Mr. Nuanphan Chainam, Customer Director, Watsons Thailand, said that consumer behavior has changed greatly since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Therefore, Watson has to adjust to meet the needs of customers. It will connect customers in the O+O (Online + Offline) way, meaning customers shop online and pick up products at the store. because it is convenient and confident in the safety of self-pickup at the branch

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Although the competition in the health and beauty business is fierce because there are both big and new people coming in. But Watson is confident that it is number one in this business. which Watson is trying to adapt to the needs of consumers.

online through the website www.watsons.co.th and Watsons TH application by using technology to assist customers in providing services that meet their needs, such as Click & Collect services that shop online.

But choose to pick up the product at a branch near home or at work as convenient for customers and Watsons Chat & Shop. Shop via real-time chat with staff at 250 Watsons stores, including the latest channel that Watson has captured. Official hand with Delivery platform to facilitate customers to order and can wait to receive products.

“During COVID-19 Customers use a service called Chat&Shop to allow employees to inspect and check products. Then it can be delivered to your home or picked up at a branch as per your convenience. This allows Watson to expand everything further to meet the needs of customers both online. customer interaction Warehouse in the Northeastern and Northern regions to expand delivery channels in order to reach customers more conveniently.”

The side of the product sells well. Both online and offline are not different, namely Skincare, Derma Skin, Personal Care, Health & Fitness and Cosmetic. These products do not keep a clear market value but have grown almost 1.5 times compared to last year.

The reason for the growth is part of Health care products Self-care products, alcohol gel, more people do their hair at home. As a result, the number of purchases per bill in online channels has a larger number of purchase orders that are 2.5 times higher than that of the storefront.

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However, if comparing sales between online and offline In-store shopping remains the company’s main income. But it is predicted that in the future, online channels will generate up to 20% of revenue as it is a trend to change shopping in the future.

In addition, Watson also invites customers to create good things. to Thai society through social activities and projects For example, the Give a Smile project has provided medical assistance to children. who face the problem of cleft lip, cleft palate or the Green Ribbon project that helps women and children


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