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Volunteer to help people’s cars run out of gas. Parked at Ram Inthra Road, outbound

Together with each other

23 August 2022 – 21:09

People’s cars run out of gas. Parked on Ramintra Road Volunteers rushed to help. enabling people to drive home safely

Volunteer together with 101 informing people to ask for help. The car is running out of gas. It’s a white Honda Civic, parked on Ramintra Road, outbound, opposite the Royal Thai Army Golf Course. Anusawari Subdistrict, Bang Khen District, Bangkok

Volunteer together with volunteers at Charlie Bangkok Center brought the equipment to help by purchasing oil and bring it back to fill it up properly enabling people to drive home safely Bang Khen Police Station Area

Thank you for the help of 101 Volunteers and Charlie Bangkok Volunteers.

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