TrueMoney creates a phenomenon “everyone is possible” by introducing Lisa BLACKPINK as a brand ambassador.


TrueMoney, a leader in providing digital financial services create a phenomenon that shakes the industry Reinforcing the position of the only financial super app with the most complete services. both spending, saving and investing under the concept “Possible for everyone” Proactively expanding services through 3 strategies: Ease, Value, and Access, while attracting world-class artists “Lisa Blackpink” Be a brand ambassador Participated in a national communications campaign

Miss Monsinee Nakpanan President (Co) of Ascend Money Co., Ltd. said, “Today, TrueMoney has transformed people’s spending into more than just a payment or transfer app. But it’s an app that can meet all the needs of everyone every day. It has a current user base of over 27 million and is the number one most well-known financial app.[1] Today, we are ready to take our mission to the next level. With the standpoint of being the only financial super app that offers the most comprehensive services based on the concept of ‘Effortless Money Management Service’ to help Thai people access all financial services easily. and get valuable benefits every time you use it meet the needs of all groups of people”

According to a study of TrueMoney users, it was found that in addition to the group of people who do not have access to financial services. There are still many people who have bank accounts but face problems and limitations such as knowledge, time, resources, age, difficulty in the process. to their views on their own opportunities in life This makes it impossible to use financial instruments completely and fully.

TrueMoney therefore strives to break all the same limitations of everyone, no matter how different their starting point is. can access financial services easily and completely like never before through TrueMoney This will open the door to “possibility for everyone” by offering services in 3 groups:

Services in the spending group: Responding to and fulfilling the lifestyle of users (Enrich your life) both online and offline payments, money transfers, spending abroad and credit limit used before paying later

Financial Services: Simplify your finances Services for savings, investments, insurance and a variety of privileges

Business Support Services: Empower your business Support services for SMEs and small entrepreneurs such as membership system and store promotion features, etc.

Highlights 3 strategies of Ease, Value, Access, elevating the platform to “Super Financial App”

Ms. Nattawadee Sae-iae, Director of Business Strategy and Innovation, True Money Co., Ltd. and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Ascend Wealth Co., Ltd. said, “True Money will continue to integrate products that meet Customer’s problem Ease of use beyond expectations and intelligent safety systems together under the concept of “everyone is possible” through 3 strategies as follows

  1. Ease (Ease in Every Way): Offer a convenient experience Easy to understand service This includes a system that helps select products that are suitable for each user, for example, offering fund options based on their interests and risk appetite. or an insurance plan that meets the needs to simplify various processes
  2. Value (Value in Every Move): Open the door to the world of finance that has more value, such as high-interest deposit services. with the right to receive a refund when linking an account for spending Rewards feature that combines all discounts and privileges together. Both spending, saving and investing, with the preparation to upgrade the rewards feature to the Loyalty Program that offers more benefits and more value in the future.
  3. Access (Accessible to Everyone): Allows everyone to start building financial security in their own way. with minimal restrictions Whether investing through a variety of assets that even with a small amount of money can start, for example, there are mutual funds that can be invested from 1 baht or buy insurance plans with hundreds of dollars. until applying for a credit limit before paying later without using salary slips Know the result of approval immediately

In terms of ease and money management, TrueMoney has recently launched a Recurring Manager feature (a helper to manage savings and expenses) for users to manage their regular expenses. without interruption, whether it is a monthly membership fee, a mobile phone bill, or donating to charity You can see the summary of service charges. and get notified when payment is due You can also set up the money to be deducted from your True Money account to be deposited as savings every month. Ready to receive interest up to 4%*

And for features for merchants, TrueMoney is also preparing to launch Moneybox, a collection box. That will notify you with a real-time sound when the customer has successfully paid. It helps entrepreneurs to be more confident that money is guaranteed in every payment received via TrueMoney.

In addition, True Money continues to upgrade technology. Including the TrueMoney Secure intelligent security system, whether it is a system to detect and alert suspicious behavior in real time. Various authentication and encryption features Including face scanning to approve transactions from 10,000 baht or more and a 24-hour financial disaster hotline.

Launched a commercial film to draw “Lisa” to communicate the brand “True Money is Possible for Everyone”

to communicate with all target groups of consumers across the country. ‘Lisa-Lalisa Manoban’ or ‘Lisa Blackpink’ Become a brand ambassador To join in conveying the brand’s position through the commercial film “True Money is Possible for Everyone” that flew to South Korea for filming. which tells about the possibilities of life that TrueMoney offers people through financial services. Whether it’s someone who wants to start a business for a better living even with a small capital. A new generation with dreams and full of energy, whose success is not limited by age. And people who are looking for opportunities and financial knowledge to start a path to freedom in life to follow their dreams, with Lisa taking the audience to experience the possibilities of these people and the results that have TrueMoney. Be a real helper.

Mrs. Anantinee Jitjarungporn, Marketing Director, Ascend Money Co., Ltd. Said, “This is the first time that True Money has made a big communication at the national level. In which Lisa is considered a representative of the new generation with outstanding lifestyles, cute, friendly, as well as having the ability and dedication to create works that are loved by Thai people and people around the world. Becoming a brand ambassador reflects the greater power and possibilities in life for everyone. and match what True Money wants to give is to empower everyone to create their own unique possibilities and make every life goal more possible through our financial services. On the occasion of celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, TrueMoney is also preparing a full campaign of special rewards bigger than ever. including many privileges for TrueMoney users throughout the year Along with surprise activities for Lisa’s fandom to join in the fun soon, please wait and follow.

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