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Traveloka presents digital innovations. to the revival of tourism • Thumbsup

the subject of tourism become part of life If in the past, traveling through tours was very popular, probably because Thai people in the past were not good at languages. Uninformed and unfamiliar with traveling on your own But when the world of technology enters the lives of more people. Self-guided travel has become a trend where people are increasingly interested in and adopting travel technology.

Today thumbsup has information about travel through digital technology from Khun Panicha Thanakhen, Director of Traveloka Thailand to share.

Panicha Thanakent, Director of Traveloka Thailand

Do you remember the travel days before digital technology came along? The era of waiting for travel agencies to find plane tickets for hours. Also sent a fax to book a hotel, but no reply. Or when looking for a return plane ticket that is well hidden for fear of losing it but can’t remember where it was stored.

Digital transformation has resulted in business models changing all the time. as well as the way organizations operate. The new wave of technological advances has created new opportunities and value in all industries, especially the tourism sector. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) itself said that tourism. It was one of the first industries to continually adopt new technologies and platforms.

Today in the digital age Our world is condensed into the hands of every traveler. All bookings can be done manually in a split second. At your fingertips, you can plan the entire trip. It’s like a smartphone has become a travel agency.

Today, technology has made travel more affordable. Easier to access and more comfortable With so many options available at your fingertips. This gives tourists freedom and can easily manage themselves. This is ideal for people who want diversity, transparency and flexibility in their travels.

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The Digital 2022: Thailand report shows that Thailand is very digitally ready. both internet usage rates social media and high utilization of mobile networks Thai consumers know and use digital technology more and more. especially during the COVID epidemic.

In Thailand, 9 out of 10 Internet users are consumers who have shopped online at least once. The increase in technology adoption along with security and convenience has become an integral part of the daily life of Internet users. when there is more demand The adoption of new technologies and digital transformation is inevitable. If business operators want to offer convenience and efficiency And it will help the industry recover from difficult times. to be ready to move forward in the digital era

Traveloka has been leading the way in responding to these trends quickly. We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users. and offer new solutions Customer-focused marketing? customer-centric This ensures that our products and services will always exceed the level of customer expectations.

for Thailand Data analytics play an important role in helping to enhance the service capabilities that meet the needs of customers. Having a large database will allow the platform to use this data, explore and analyze travel behaviors of travelers. Deep understanding of consumer needs and responding to consumer behavior effectively It also plays an important role in brand differentiation and awareness among customers.

Traveloka has leveraged technological advances to accelerate the recovery of the tourism industry. with technology-driven tourism and lifestyle services Innovation and customer centricity are at the heart of Traveloka and what we do as a tech company. It is our corporate culture and drives our business strategy to grow.

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The epidemic of COVID is a challenging situation for Traveloka to develop new ideas. Respond to unexpected changes in consumer trends and behaviors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are introducing new services that use technology to address the challenges our customers, partners and partners face in these situations, including:

  • Traveloka Clean Partner, the Clean symbol, indicates products and services that comply with hygiene measures.
  • Booking with Flexibility Get more flexibility with booking hotel tickets. (pay at check-in)
  • Safe Travel Page Safe Travel With a page that offers specific information about the various travel requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • COVID-19 testing service that customers can book a covid test directly from the app
  • Livestream and enjoy Godwy Raising Games during EPIC Sale 2022.
  • Stay at Home campaign. You can travel with experience at home. ‘Tueang Thip’ Traveloka provides customers to experience the atmosphere of virtual travel.

all this effort This reinforces Traveloka’s commitment as a leading technology company in Thailand and Southeast Asia. that organizes priorities by focusing on doing what we can for the ecosystem of Thai tourism sustainable growth

An example of using digital technology to enhance tourism

Traveloka has been working to bring digital technology to help its partners cope with the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The strong cooperation from the alliance has shown that Traveloka sees a positive trend in supporting the continued recovery of the Thai economy. supported by the tourism sector

In an interconnected world where anything can happen. The behavior and preferences of tourists may change immediately. This will definitely affect the tourism business. meanwhile These challenges are also an opportunity to use our technology to help fulfill our customers’ lifestyle aspirations. Quick response to changing needs and behaviors It will be able to give users a unique and seamless experience. become the hallmark of the business

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Traveloka is committed to playing a role in supporting the development and growth of the Thai tourism sector. Because we focus on developing technology that keeps pace with consumers. and fulfill the needs of customers Traveloka is ready to work with relevant parties. To create a bright future for the Thai tourism industry

Source: https://economysea.withgoogle.com/report/


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