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Tragedy, 6 years old, “all over the body – with a wound on the head”, died a mystery, the police. Supervises the grandmother’s examination – waiting for the results of the autopsy.

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23 Jun 2022 5:50 a.m.

Sadly, a 6-year-old girl died in a rented room in Sam Khok area, Pathum Thani. He examined it, found bruises all over the body – there was a serious wound on the head – the left arm was scratched by a sharp object. Investigate grandmother, say granddaughter lies dead – unknown cause The wound on the body hit the dog cage. The police are still not convinced of the testimony. Waiting for the results of the surgery to confirm the cause Discussion of witnesses said to hear the children cry because they were attacked almost every day.

On June 22, 65, Pol. Lt. Col. Worapak Kerdsawat, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Sam Khok Police Station, received a report about a child’s death in a row room in Sam Khok district, Pathum Thani province. Check with investigative kits Doctors from the Institute of Forensic Sciences Ministry of Justice and volunteer staff of the Ruam Kuayyu Foundation

The scene was a rented room. In one room, the body was found. Ms. A (alias), aged 6 years old, lying dead on the bed, with Mrs. La-or (reserves her last name), 47 years old, her grandmother, Mr. Paiboon (preserves her last name), 48 years old. Penta and Ms. Bee, age 10, daughter of Nang La-or in the room at the scene Waiting for the police

from the preliminary examination of the corpse Severe injuries were found on the head, the right temple collapsed, the left eye lid green. The left ribcage is bruised, the abdomen is swollen, the penis is bruised. The left finger was swollen, bruised, bruised, bruised, pus. His left arm had a mark that looked like a sharp object. The body has scab wounds. Doctors said it had died about 2-4 hours ago, but the cause is not yet known. Rescuers then brought the body to the Institute of Forensic Science. Thammasat University Hospital to dissect the cause thoroughly again

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Initially, from the investigation, her grandmother La-or testified that she had rented a room for about 3 months, living together with 4 people, including herself, her husband, daughter and granddaughter who died. There was also another dog before the incident around 7:00 p.m. The granddaughter was still asking for water, but then suddenly lay dead. for unknown reasons So he asked her husband to call the police. The wounds found on the head and body It’s been several days since my granddaughter bumped into a steel cage behind the dog’s cage. But he did not take him to the doctor because he had no money. because the husband works as A security guard at a factory in Sam Khok area and cook alone and take care of the whole family Causing me to not dare to take my grandchildren to the doctor

the police officer Still not convinced of the grandmother’s testimony therefore invited to come for further questioning at the police station which from the examination of witnesses at the scene and surrounding witnesses They all said in the same voice that they heard Girl A crying because she was beaten almost every day. But everyone never saw Miss A coming out of the room. However, the police Will have to wait for the results of the autopsy to be clear about the cause before that What causes the death and wounds on the child? before proceeding with further legal procedures

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