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Tourism campaign in the works to promote second-tier provinces

Image courtesy of TAT

In a bid to amplify tourism revenue from lesser-known provinces and cities, The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) unveiled a five-point campaign aimed at promoting 55 second-tier regions. The initiative marks a collaborative effort involving nine ministries, the Royal Thai Police, and two additional agencies.

Deputy Governor of the TAT, Somruedee Jitjong, emphasised the necessity of diversifying tourism revenue streams by targeting these often overlooked areas.

Currently, these provinces contribute a mere 20% to the nation’s overall tourism revenue. However, with concerted efforts, the TAT aims to elevate this figure to 30%, translating to an estimated annual revenue of 330 billion baht.

Under the banner of Ignite Tourism Thailand, the tourism initiative encompasses a multifaceted approach aimed at rejuvenating the visitor experience across the nation’s…

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