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Tips to avoid becoming a miserable Pattaya expat

Reader Submission

1. Join “Farang Can Understand Thai Culture” facebook group and read some posts https://www.facebook.com/groups/thai.and.western.culture/

2. Join “Farang Can Learn Thai Language” and get on the path to learn Thai

3. Read “The Way Thais Lead”  a deep insight into Face.

4. Read “Thailand Fever” (its a bit dated but it’s ok )

5. Keep your focus on things away from your immediate surroundings. People with hobbies, jobs, interests or are studying, tend to focus on other things instead of their problems or the problems of the city or social problems going around. All the “haters” are broke and bored with no meaning in life.

6. Get some Thai friends

7. Make sure you have enough money to cover all bills and some play money

8. Hang around with positive people, that are doing things.

9. Make sure you don’t have lots of free time

10. Avoid becoming involved in local FB groups enough that you are involved in the politics here, many groups are ok to pop into, but when you start living in them for 8 hours a day, they start absorbing you and suddenly you are involved.

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