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TikTok now lets you use the Unlike button for comments to detect negative behavior

After testing the system for more than 6 months, TikTok recently announced the use of the Unlike button to allow users to reduce the visibility of inappropriate comments on their own.

If everyone enters the TikTok app in the comments section, we will find This is a quick and easy way to help the platform identify negative behaviors or comments.

TikTok stated in April that “We have begun testing ways for individuals to identify comments they believe are irrelevant or inappropriate. This will truly increase relevance and engagement. to avoid creating bad feelings among community members or tarnishing the reputation of other users.”

However, the feature is prepared for “Brigading” or conspiracy to attack people or conflicting political views. Because everyone should have the right to express their political opinions. This feature is the moderator of the platform. It will then be considered as an appropriate opinion once again.

Such preparation will help build engagement and community in a better way. It will also help improve the algorithm to detect negative behavior more effectively in the future.




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