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Thrive Venture Builder, a social startup who believe that businesses can solve social problems sustainably

‘You think our world country where we live and society today How long will it be able to survive like this?’

This is a question that probably stuck in many people’s minds. Looking at the economic, social, political, and climate and environment conditions that have changed dramatically in recent years. And it’s undeniable that it’s changing in a very worrisome direction.

But while most people may choose to look through There are still quite a few people who try to help fix these problems. And one of them is Thrive Venture Builder, the first social venture builder in Thailand that wants to change the concept of Businesses don’t have to be profitable until they hurt the world. but can be a medium for creating sustainability for society

It can be said that Thrive Venture Builder is a startup business. But the reality is that the business model here is a Venture Builder or a factory to bring new startups to market by supporting knowledge, capital, networking, and other resources that will help them accelerate their startups. can be successful quickly This is a business model that we may not be familiar with in Thailand.

But abroad is another form of organization that is playing an important role, such as Idealab Company, a global venture builder model company that has incubated more than 100 startups to the market. In Thailand, we have begun to move. Catch more of this model from large corporations such as SCB10x and KBTG.

But what makes Thrive Venture Builder different and interesting? It’s not just a business model. Because Thrive’s goal is not just to create a successful startup. But the business that arises must help solve social problems. and lead to sustainability accordingly The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Currently, Thrive operates in parallel in two areas: consulting services and supporting organizations that want to build sustainable startup businesses. and incubating many of their own startup companies, including:

  • Kid Hero is a programming institute for children aged 4-15 to instill 21st century skills in youth such as critical thinking. Creativity, communication and working with others This includes key concepts such as Growth Mindset, which are aligned with SDG 1: Poverty Eradication and SDG 4: Quality Education.
  • Santa Fe Thailand develops, processes and transports non-drug hemp plants with the goal of generating income and improving the quality of life of Thai farmers. (Regenerative Farming) with an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions through the creation of naturally fertile soils.
  • Cyfai, the first electric motorcycle rental business in Thailand that uses 100% alternative energy, does not cause pollution and greenhouse gases. environmentally friendly and help reduce travel costs

Ms. Nattinee Sae-Ho, Founder and CEO of Thrive Venture Builder, revealed that creating a Venture venture by creating multiple companies at the same time will lead to learning. and growing rapidly Everyone learns together and can bring the body of knowledge including errors that occur can be extended to other business units in the network as well

In addition to his leadership role at Thrive Venture Builder, Nattinee Sae-Ho or Dora is also known as a sustainability and environmental activist. Until she was selected as one of the leaders in social business Generation T by the famous magazine Tatler 2021, where she was invited as a consultant and special speaker at many leading organizations, both the public and private sectors.

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“The key factor in our work is Design, the design to solve the problem directly and Impact, creating real results. In the past, we have been very successful with pushing many leading organizations that work with us to have more sustainable business operations, such as a coffee shop brand that has branches all over the country. We put sustainability as one of his strategies. This has resulted in a huge reduction in the use of plastic in this coffee shop chain.”

And the latest startup project of Thrive Venture Builder continues to build a business to solve social problems in a sustainable way. It is a collaboration of Thrive and Siam Ratchathani Plc. Outsource service specialists to form Sprint Tech, a learning community looking to develop young professionals into high-paying IT fields.

but facing labor shortages to help solve labor problems in a sustainable way which just opened for first-generation students in September It is expected that students will be able to develop skills that are ready for work. Meet the needs of the company, help create jobs, distribute income, as well as promote continuous, inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


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