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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

This Thailand Restaurant Serves Cricket Burgers

Insects have oddly been an integral part of Asian cuisine for a long time. The newest entrant in the insect cuisine business is Thailand’s Bounce Burger. The restaurant offers a range of dishes such as cricket-beef burgers, sausages and cricket balls. There are even cricket power bars and cookies available for people to have.

The co-owner of the restaurant Poopipat Thiapairat, according to AFP, revealed that crickets have a much wider use than just being at a street vendor’s stalls being served with soy sauce. “They can be burgers, bakery, soft cookies or even paprika seasoning used to flavour french fries- these are all possible,” he said adding that the food was also being given an image makeover as they were “not really consumer-friendly” because crickets also used to get stuck in people’s throat. He said in the video that the chitin parts of the crickets such as legs and…

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