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Thief steals Thai singer’s license plate to nick diesel in NE Thailand

A Thai singer took to social media to appeal to fans to help find a number plate stolen from his car after an inventive thief used it to steal diesel from a petrol station in northeast Thailand.

Buriram Police are on the lookout for the light-fingered tealeaf who stole the license plate and attached it to his vehicle before travelling to another district to fill his tank without paying.

The license plate was nicked from a Thai singer’s car.

The singer, Thapakorn Singram, took to social media to inform his followers that his license plate had been stolen from his black Isuzu D-MAX while it was parked near the pub where he is employed in Nang Rong district.

Suspecting that the stolen plate could be used for illegal activities, the 31 year old promptly reported the theft to the police.

His concerns proved to be valid when staff from a PT station in Nong Ki, Buriram informed…

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