There seems to be a ridiculous amount of wealthy people in Bangkok. Is this the reality or just an illusion?


I’ve been here almost four years now. I know Thailand is not a poor hell hole. But I still can’t believe how many new BMW/Benz/Porche and even supercars I see around this city. Even out in Samutprakan/Bangna I might see a Lamborghini/Ferrari at least once a week driving around.

I know people in the US that have high salary jobs or successful businesses that couldn’t afford these things. What kind of bussinesses or people running here? Where did all this money come from?

I have made some friends who are rather wealthy. Big house, nice cars, etc. Only one of them can I understand the amount of money they are making to afford this lifestyle/things. The rest, while successful, no idea how they can afford to pay $150,000 for a new BMW. I have never directly asked them about their finances as that just seems like a rude/weird thing to do here.

I can only assume most of them are in a large amount of debt and flexing for the sake of looking wealthy.. but that could just be me making excuses and being ignorant about all of it. Even then, surely banks aren’t giving out $150,000 car loans or 30M baht mortgages to people who can’t afford it, right? So there must be something going on here that I don’t understand and it can’t all be corruption related.

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