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The Truth About Sourcing Gems For High-End And Retail Jewelry Design –

If you’re a jeweler and you look at top of the line retail jewelry designs, you don’t see what other people see. You see a series of business issues. One of the biggest issues is simply sourcing gems. The sheer range and scope of modern jewelry are astonishing, particularly in the retail environment.


Modern jewelry contains a particularly broad range of types of gems and a complete color spectrum unlike any other industry on Earth. This vast range of gems also includes a particularly difficult cost base for jewelers.

Many modern jewelry pieces are comprised of multiple gems. This range may include some very hard-to-find types of gems from a supply perspective. This is where the cost base comes into play. Sourcing multiple types of gems for retail designs is very much an acquired taste.

Problems may include quantities of gems, size of gems, and,…

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