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The trend of paying respect to Chinese New Year This year is still colorful • Thumbsup

If last year Bonchon chicken for paying respect to the gods was a sensation. This year, KFC and Swensen’s also played with “Colonel Recipe Fried Chicken Scented Incense” and Swensen’s Wai Chao Chicken Ice Cream. who came out to play the colors of the year So that Thai people of modern Chinese descent can pay respect to their ancestors in a full, delicious way, plus add fun.

This Chinese New Year comes to pay respect to you. Pay respect to the ancestors in a chic way! 💕 This year, I made it extraordinary because it was Chicken ice cream from Swensen’s 💗 This time, I’m back full body ❗️

This Chinese New Year, who doesn’t have chicken to pay respect to you? 💥 Don’t miss it! 🎉 Wai Chao Chicken Ice Cream from Swensen’s Limited Edition ✨ Limited quantity, it’s gone!!️
Chubby chicken vanilla ice cream all over the body 🐔 mixed with crunchy caramel cornflakes 🥰 fragrant, sweet and oily 😋 stuffed inside with chocolate skeleton 😲 and juicy with sour strawberry sauce. sweet 🍓 with white chocolate screened with auspicious words for good luck 🎲 prosperous 🏆 rich 💵 all year long 🌟 I can only say that Anyone who has brought it to pay homage to the ancestors is considered very chic. There is no one like it, plus it’s delicious and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

📍 This Chinese New Year must not be missed at Swensen’s ✨ Only available in some branches!

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be lucky for Chinese New Year? Open the Year of the Rabbit to receive luck before anyone else. KFC sets a new trend for Gen Z with chic items. Make the festival more interesting with “Colonel Recipe Fried Chicken Scented Incense” that will make your hungry stomach cry along with it. until they want to hurry up to bid farewell to the table! This Chinese New Year will not be monotonous and will still be remembered and be blessed with the fragrance from this special item.

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From the Colonel’s fried chicken recipe that is known all over the world, KFC sparks worship. Infused with the original scent blended with 11 herbs according to KFC’s secret recipe, giving a fried chicken smell that everyone likes to connect with the family more closely.

more special than that “Colonel’s Formula Fried Chicken Scent Incense” is designed with a touch of hot fried chicken. By coating up to 3 layers of incense and making the outer surface look crunchy like Colonel’s fried chicken, all 11 incense sticks are made using chemical-free ingredients. before being packed into a stylish red box Add coolness with Chinese characters.

For this event, the descendants of the ancestors would like to order any of them to pay respect to them.


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