The navel of the Mekong

The scenic sunset at Wat Ahong in Muang district.

The partly cloudy sky gradually turned orange and red after sunset. The twilight colours, which reflected on the Mekong River, provided a great contrast to the dark green mountain ranges in Laos and grass dotted with white flowers on the bank of the river in Thailand’s Bueng Kan province.

The scenic view brought peace of mind to visitors including me who stood on the riverbank at Wat Ahong Silawat in Muang district.

Locals believe that the temple is located next to the deepest pool of water in the lower Mekong basin. The current in this area forms a slow whirlpool, leading to the belief that it is the navel of the river where Phaya Nak, or Naga, the serpent-like semi-divine creature, resides.

“I bring my family to see naga fireballs here…

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