The first step towards the 2024 Olympics, “Coach Har” opens his heart on the results of the Asian qualifying draw and emphasizes “Thai U23 national team” to control emotions.


On May 26, 2023, Issara Sritaro, head coach of the Thai U23 national team, urged the team not to be careless. and try to do my best to qualify for the final round of the Asian Football Championship Age not over 23 years old

The qualifying round will take place in September with the Thai U23 national team hosting Group H along with Malaysia, Bangladesh and the Philippines. There will be a chance to win tickets for the 2024 Olympic Games in France, which will select 1-3 places to compete.

“For the lottery result, it is considered satisfactory. We have to be champions of the group. to guarantee the final round The concept of the team will remain the same. And fatigue should affect us less. Because we have the right time during the game, ”said Coach Ra.

“During FIFA Day There may be a week of preparation before actually we should have all the main characters. Because it’s during FIFA Day, but we’ve had the ASEAN Championship before, we might be able to choose the person who asked for the club. come and fill in the Asian Championship”

“Of course, past tournaments we have lessons. that we need to add to the subject of emotional control We must always remind to deal with pressure and must try to be strict in this regard

“Everyone will try to work hard to reach their goals. and qualify for the final round Ready to reach the 2024 Olympics. Please come and support the children because we compete in Thailand.

for this competition will compete during FIFA Day between 4-12 September 2023 and lead the group champion along with The best group runners-up, 4 out of 11 groups, including 15 nations, qualified for the final round. next in Qatar