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The different types of drunks in Pattaya…which type are YOU?

The Different types of Drunks in Pattaya

By: Adam Judd

This week I am going to discuss the different types of drunks I have encountered as a former five year bar manager in Pattaya. Indeed, these drunks are all over the world and I’d be curious as to hear in the comments what sort of drunk YOU are.

I managed a bar for five years on Soi six until 2019 and have encountered every one of these. I will give each type of drunk a numerical rating system between 1-10, 10 being the worst or most common for rarity, 1 being the best for two catagories-Severity (Level of Annoyance or disruption to others) and Rarity (How often these types of drunks are around). Hopefully this gives you an idea of what life is like in Pattaya as a Bar Manager and on the types of drunks we encounter. Which drunk are YOU?

The I Love Everyone Drunk
Severity: 9

An I…

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