The Best Sand-free Towel


Enjoying a beach holiday may not happen anytime soon but Tesalate‘s sand-free, vibrant towels are versatile enough to use all-year round. Apart from using it at the beach, Tesalate fans use it for their indoor workouts, yoga and backyard picnics especially since travel is currently restricted. Some even use it as home accents and blankets. It’s fast-drying, super absorbent, compact and light.

Tesalate is relatively new in the market but has gone a long way since its concept stage. Who knew that just a couple of years ago, this brilliant idea came from a day’s hike at the beach?

It took pretty much over a year researching and designing this Australian brand. And sure enough, Tesalate was a hit among beach lovers when it first launched at the Bondi Beach Markets. Because yes, it really repels sand! Now that’s something to look forward to once it’s safe again to go to the beach.

Tesalate makes you standout further at the beach with its beautifully designed towels in vibrant colors. Whether you get one for yourself, a friend or your significant other, there are 50 designs to choose from. Prints range from tropical to geometric, eclectic, floral and classic.

Tesalate is light and compact. It also fits into a small tote. Packing and unpacking a beach essential has never been this easy and hassle-free.