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The art of saying “no” how to survive in an organization • Thumbsup

Rejecting or saying the word “no” at work is often a problem that has long jeopardized relationships with coworkers in the organization. But sometimes people have personal reasons for not wanting to do that particular job. which our reasons may not like the audience much If the person who listens to the rejection is our boss or boss. The more you have to face long-term effects for sure.

Today we are going to introduce techniques for saying “no” to not look ugly and how to refuse to make everything go smoothly.

The main reason we should know the rejection. That’s because sometimes we get tired of being overloaded. Working people who survey their feelings feel that they are overworked. While workers need time to clear things up without any work growing in them all day. because of frequent meetings or have work intervened throughout the day making it difficult for them to schedule their work life. and feel so tired that it is easy to run out of fire

  • 53% of workers feel they are burned out or overworked.
  • 49% of workers feel they need some time to finish their jobs comfortably.

What do you get when you know how to say “no”?

  • The work will come out with more quality.
  • Manage life better
  • Work successfully on target
  • Confidence in saying no better.

When Should You Say “No”?

  • When the number of tasks received is too much
  • There are new projects growing up all the time
  • Inability to manage tasks with different parties with quality
  • Not completing work according to deadline
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How to refuse to look “bad”

  • Strongly reject it for strong reasons and give the listener an irresistible reason.
  • Try to offer alternative reasons. Makes it easy to make decisions
  • Be prepared with clear reasons and show a willingness to help.
  • There are reasons and open perspectives in order to depend on each other in the future.
  • Even if they can’t accept a new job, they can show empathy for their coworkers and be ready to support them.

Therefore, for a better quality of work Workers should know how to balance life and work better. Plus the rejection of the germination work that has been inserted. It shouldn’t be a problem affecting your core work or relationships with colleagues. Therefore, people who will ask for help from colleagues in various cases. It should be known to use words appropriately as well.


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