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Thailand rules out travel ban from Equatorial Guinea despite deadly MVD outbreak

Thailand has not imposed a travel ban on tourists from Equatorial Guinea despite the outbreak of the highly infectious Marburg Virus Disease (MVD), a deadly virus similar to Ebola.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported the first-ever outbreak of MVD on Monday, February 13, in Equatorial Guinea. Nine people have died and 200 high-risk people have been quarantined, reported Thai PBS.

According to Equatorial Guinea Health Minister Mitoha Ondo’o Ayekaba, the deaths are believed to be connected to a funeral that took place in the Nsok Nsomo district in the Kie-Ntem province.

The local health authorities first reported cases of hemorrhagic fever of unknown origin on February 7, and samples were sent to a laboratory in Senegal. The WHO confirmed that one of the samples tested positive for MVD. Contact tracing is being carried out, and suspected cases are being isolated and…

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