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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Thailand revokes another Chinese ‘triad’ leader

Thailand’s police have revoked the visa of a man from China for allegedly being involved in illegal immigration of people from their country into Bangkok, The Bangkok Post reported. Chinese Yu Xinqi, chairman of the Shaanxi Association in Thailand, was taken in and questioned by Thai immigration police on Friday for allegedly founding and running a shady business network in the country.

This move came after Move Forward Party’s MP Rangsiman Rome exposed that another Chinese triad leader was allegedly involved in a shady business network similar to Chinese businessman Chaiyanat “Tuhao” Kornchayanant during a House debate on Wednesday. He identified the suspect as Yu, according to The Bangkok Post. Earlier, Rangsiman was told by former massage parlour tycoon and politician Chuvit Kamolvisit that the suspect founded the Shaanxi Association, located in the jurisdiction of the Kannayao…

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