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Monday, June 27, 2022

Thailand News Today | Backlash over sloppy happy plant guidelines

The opposition will be going after the government for its botched happy plant decriminalisation and legalisation laws. Or, specifically, their lack of details and the loose ends left dangling for Thais and foreigners to navigate.

Politics aside, the June 9 announcements about the C plant in Thailand were broadly misinterpreted to be a blanket legalisation of the plant and all of its derivatives. The actual details and legislation haven’t even been tabled in parliament for debate, so the opposition is now targeting the government over its botched announcements on, what some believe, is a crucial societal issue that requires a proper debate.

The opposition parties, led by Pheu Thai and Move Forward, will likely focus on hot issues like underage addiction, school kids and drugs, illicit drug use in Thailand,…

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