Thailand foreign arrival numbers hit 9.5 million, Asians top visitors


Tourists shop for street foods ahead of Lunar New Year celebrations in Bangkok’s Chinatown, Thailand, January 19, 2023. Photo by Reuters

Malaysians accounted for the largest number of foreign arrivals in Thailand between January and May, followed by Chinese and Indians, a government report said.

The number of visitors to Thailand so far this year is 9.47 million, and income from tourism has been around 391 billion baht (US$11 billion), Bangkok Post newspaper quoted government spokesperson Traisuree Taisaranakul as saying.

Malaysians accounted for 367,530 of those, followed by visitors from mainland China (328,375) and India (131,230).

Russia were fourth (115,743) and South Koreans fifth (95,229).

Vietnam, the U.S., the U.K., Laos, and Hong Kong rounded off the top 10.

The government expects 25-30 million arrivals for the full year.

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