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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

ThaiHealth ‘mourns ghosts’ to highlight perils faced by Thailand’s youth

Bangkok deputy governor Sanon Wangsrangboon said adults were to blame for children having such easy access to booze, cigarettes and other vices. In a bid to combat this, he said, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration was looking into setting up areas where children can play safely.

Anulak Iamsri, who leads a network on mitigating risks among the young, said there are far too many temptations for the young in Thailand.

For instance, he said, plans to set up casinos and gambling websites as well as the legalisation of cannabis pose unnecessary risks for the young.

“The government should come up with clear regulations to protect children and youth from alcohol, narcotics, road accidents and gambling,” he said.

ThaiHealth ‘mourns ghosts’ to highlight perils faced by Thailand's youth

He suggested that the government set up a special committee that can focus on these issues and come up with solutions. He said that young people should be given…

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