Thai textile factory ordered to pay 19 million baht in overdue wages to workers

Photo via Facebook/Boonlert Saengphan

Textile factory workers in Thailands central Samut Prakan province are set to receive 19.33 million baht in unpaid wages, plus 15% interest, after labour authorities intervened on their behalf. The factory operator has been ordered to expedite the payment process for approximately 109 workers who had not received their full wages between July 2020 and April this year.

These workers are part of a group of 115 employees who filed complaints with labour inspectors, claiming they were only partially paid by their employer. The employer also refused to lay them off, which would have entitled them to full severance pay, according to Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin. Among the complainants are two individuals who were due to retire and should have received 354,433 baht in compensation.

The issue came to light when the affected employees staged a

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