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Thai man quits raw beef after extracting 2M tapeworm in toilet (Video)

A man who ate raw beef continuously for over two years made a terrifying discovery after visiting the toilet – part of a 2-meter tapeworm was sticking out of his sphincter.

“Hello everyone, today I will warn those who love to eat soi ju, raw food or raw beef, I’ll tell you – it’s 2 meters long,” TikTok user @Tex2499 said in a clip that went viral Tuesday night, currently at one million views. He moved the camera to show the sickening results – an incredibly long and thin tapeworm writhing slowly along his bathroom floor.

“I’ve been constantly eating soi ju for two-to-three years, and this is what happened to me. Unbelievable. It’s very long.” He used tweezers to lift the parasite, apparently distressed all the while.

The unidentified man explained Monday that he had purchased deworming pills recently after feeling sick. By Tuesday morning, he…

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