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Thai man arrested for shooting a foreign man at a Patong resort

Though few details are available now, a Thai man was taken into custody by Patong Police early this morning for allegedly shooting a foreign man in a resort. The incident took place around 4 am at a resort along the Patong Beach Road and police arrested the local man just outside the resort. The victim’s condition is currently unknown. The incident comes just a few days after a Thai man in Kanchanaburi stabbed 2 British men, killing one of them.

The shooting took place at the B-Lay Tong Phuket resort and the arrest report indicates that the man accused of pulling the trigger lived nearby in Patong and was 54 years old. The suspect was arrested in front of the resort with a 9-millimetre semi-automatic handgun in his possession along with bullets for that gun.

The story behind the shooting that has been released to the public is still a bit vague. The Patong Police were alerted of…

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