Thai durian demand skyrockets as Chinese consumers crave unique taste

Photo by MGROnline

Durian farmers in the Soeng Sang district of Nakhon Ratchasima province are beaming with joy as the demand for Thai durian in China has soared, leading to a significant increase in their income. The region has over 2,000 rai of farmland dedicated to growing the popular fruit.

Thawatchai Saitongtip, a soon-to-be-retired school director, has a durian plantation in Dong Yen village, Sisawang, where various durian cultivars, including Mon Thong, Musang King, and Kan Yao, are grown. The 60 years old’s 15-rai plantation, with about 580 durian trees aged between 6 and 9 years, now produces the delicious fruit sought by the Chinese market for its distinctive non-pungent aroma and sweet taste.

Considering the high demand, the Sisawang Agricultural Promotion Office has been actively supporting farmers to maintain high-quality standards. They have been trained to harvest…

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