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“Ter Chantawitch” reveals that he has not yet completed his ordination.

Ter I twitchReveals that he has not yet been ordained. Waiting ready Please explain when. Please keep it quiet before shouting.new Davikais a person who loves very much

It's called being watched for good news that doesn't spread. Say hey for a moment. for couplesnew Davikawith a young manTer I twitchAfter the man finished ordaining This caused netizens to come in and tease us about whether or not we should continue to squeeze in after the ordination ceremony. Recently had the opportunity to meetTerHe also revealed that

It seems like I really wanted to be ordained for a long time. And it has a suitable range. So I told everyone that I would be ordained. which everyone agreed Revealing that he wants to be ordained to the fullest extent possible. I wanted my mind to be calm from the first day, so I didn't tell anyone. by becoming ordained23day

I admit that I know the taste of the Dhamma. On the day I don't want to feel bad at all, but it's necessary for work. Explain that this ordination helped in many ways and made me let go more. Concentration improved Now I'm still studying the Dhamma. meditate pray

As for the ordination side, is there any pressure? At this time, not yet? But it is a future plan that will definitely happen. Say no to pressure by asking often. Reveals that when she's ready, she'll get married. I admit that we've had some conversations, but I'd like to keep it quiet for now. It's not a surprise. As for parents, they weren't in a hurry.

Explain birthday giftsnew DavikaHe gave the dog he wanted. The audience smiles and wishes sweetly. It is true, he is the person he loves very much.

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