Taxes up, bribes down – Palang Pracharath Party wants venues to operate legally


The ruling Palang Pracharath Party’s Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn wants to make it easier for entertainment venues to operate legally.

The Minister for the Digital Economy would like to see bars and clubs operate within the tax system, bringing in fiscal revenue and administration fees while reducing the scope for bribery.

Chaiwut said on Sunday that Palang Pracharath members had agreed that the law should be amended to…

“Turn bribes into taxes.”

Legal venue, happy venue

Many ordinary business activities operate differently in other countries but are more restricted in Thailand. In many parts of the world, pubs, bars and other venues are free to operate legally whenever they wish.

It is so difficult for foreigners to invest in and run businesses in Thailand that they are almost obliged to pay bribes to facilitate operations which are otherwise inoffensive.

This results in grey…

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