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Take 6 free “Samart Skills” courses through Coursera or receive scholarships from leading Thai universities.

Google Thailand announced the launch of the “Samart Skills” program, specially developed for Thailand under Grow with Google, a digital skills training course for ready to work and helping to match workers to the demands of the high labor market.

This project is supported by Google Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Office of Vocational Education Commission Digital Economy Promotion Agency and leading academic institutions in Thailand To provide students and job seekers in all walks of life with access to training using Google Career Certificates to become digitally skilled professionals ready to go to work.

It is divided into 6 career fields that are in demand by the organization today. This is a course developed and trained by experts in various fields of Google so that students can learn basic skills through hands-on practice. Applicants do not need previous relevant experience.

Students can complete the course in 3-6 months with a certificate of professional skills. To promote employment opportunities, Google has formed an employers alliance consisting of over 30 companies that have recognized their qualifications and are interested in them. Hire graduates of the “Samart Skills” program

Last year, AlphaBeta reported that digital transformation could bring economic value to Thailand up to 2.5 trillion baht per year (US$795 billion) by 2030, while 78 % of Thai business leaders have placed Digital strategy as a key growth strategy, and the World Economic Forum 2020 report shows that only 55% of the Thai workforce has digital skills for future work, so there is an urgent need. Urgently tackling Thailand’s digital skills gap

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Mike Jittiwanich, Google’s brand marketing director, Southeast Asia, said, “From the e-Conomy SEA Report, which Google has co-produced with Temasek and Bain & Company in last year indicates that the Southeast Asia region is entering The “digital decade” and the region’s digital economy will reach $1 trillion by 2030, while Thailand’s digital economy is one of the most promising for growth.

By 2025, the total value of goods in the digital economy (GMV) is expected to reach $57 billion. and since the outbreak of COVID-19 Thailand has 9 million new digital platform consumers, with more than 67% of new users living outside of the main cities. This “Samart Skills” project is a continuation of the success of the Saphan Digital program that has been trained. to more than 100,000 SME entrepreneurs, as well as to ensure that Thai people have the opportunity to develop digital skills equally and make the most of it.”

Ms. Saranee Boonritthongchai, Country Marketing Manager, Google Thailand, said, “Google today is pleased to announce the launch of the “Samart Skills” program to provide free scholarship support to vocational students. and tertiary including interested people to enroll in various courses in the “Samart Skills” project totaling 22,000

Google will collaborate with educational institutions, including universities, Rajabhat universities. and more than 100 vocational institutions, including leading business alliances from the private sector, such as AIS and True Corporation. which the data analysis course IT support project management User Experience Design (UX) and Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Collected on Coursera, the leading online course service platform.

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In addition, we have also cooperated with universities. To bring Google Cloud Computing Foundations to their students to develop their technical competence in cloud computing. Students enrolled in this course are awarded a digital skills badge.

Consider this project Not only will it help unlock equitable access to technology to reinforce our “Leave No Thai Behind” concept, it can also help drive Thailand’s digital economy to move forward with stability.”

Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society, said, “Over the years, We have foreseen that the digital economy and society in our country is growing at a significant leap. by the Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission It was found that the internet access of Thai people this year was as high as 88%.

According to research by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company, the Thai digital economy is worth 1 trillion baht in 2021, which is 51% more than the previous year and is expected to increase by 2025. 1.9 trillion baht while Thailand is fully entering the digital economy and society. As a result, a workforce with digital skills is in great demand to support industry growth in various fields. It is also estimated that by 2030 Thailand will need more than 1 million digitally skilled workers.

Therefore, we need to quickly develop a workforce with advanced digital skills, and today I am delighted to be working with the entire government. educational institution and the private sector like Google Thailand to help reduce the problem of inequality in digital skills. and create opportunities for Thai people to have access to education to meet the demanding careers of the market

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Mr. Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Mobile Product Department, AIS General Customer Group, said, “We are very pleased to work with Google to enhance digital skills for Thai people from AIS’s policy as a Digital Service Provider. Aim to bring digital to enhance the potential of the country’s digital economy. And the ability to apply digital applications of the people is one of those goals. We therefore confirm that will contribute to the transfer of knowledge from the Samart Skills project to customers, employees and Thai people as another power to create digital skills to achieve the best results.”

Dr. Teeradej Damrongplasit President (Co) True Corporation Plc., said, “True Group is delighted to partner with Google Thailand in the “Samart Skills” project, which is in line with True Group’s commitment to Bringing the full potential of communication technology and digital technology to support Thai education to create a learning society allowing Thai people to have equal access to information and knowledge Applicants for the “Samart Skills” scholarship program through the True Digital Academy will have the opportunity to participate in activities, seminars and practical internship opportunities. including various benefits More from True Group This will help to enhance the body of digital knowledge so that Thai people have knowledge, abilities and digital skills on par with those of other countries. and is an important force in driving Thai economy and society in the 4.0 era.”

More details on the “Samart Skills” project can be found at https://grow.google/intl/ALL_en/samart-skills/


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