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SUT 1 already has strict rules for controlling firearms.

SUT 1 already has strict rules for controlling firearms, pointing out that the fence around the child center is difficult. If the teacher had to carry a gun at all, or the child would survive?

General Anupong Paochinda, Minister of the Interior Indicates that the permission to possess firearms has been imposed. Including the criteria for consideration, depending on the case of such incidents It is an event that happens deep inside. By looking at the appropriate properties is a look at the general guidelines. and reiterated that such an event is a matter of the inner mind The person who committed such a crime? Along with the view that the perpetrator has no mercy and has no right to hurt others, which is a basic idea that must be in the person. which must find control measures

In the main period, there were more firearms incidents. Gen. Anupong asked that from the incident, only firearms were used. There is also a knife weapon. Therefore, he was forbidden to use knives as well, indicating that if looking at the incident, not just looking at the weapon. and at the same time, society must help each other

General Anupong He declined to answer questions about the security of child development centers across the country, saying that talking could be an issue. I can’t do that because the school has teachers to take care of. before asking the media that Then the teacher must have a gun or the incident can be stopped.

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